Remove unused speakers on Windows 10

If you are like me who likes to switch between your regular speakers and your headphones you may have find that sometimes when we have a graphics card with HDMI capability Windows 10 system may detect it as possible outputs of sound, so in this blog I will show you the process to disable them as they are never in use and just leave the ones you use regularly.

First, we need to go to control panel and then select sound.

Audio Windows 10

After that make a RIGHT CLICK on the device you would like to disable and then CLICK in “Disable”

Disable all the devices that you do not use so you can keep only the ones that matters.

Done!, after this you will be able to see just the devices that you use.

Audio Windows 10

Happy Hacking!

Kali Linux Virtual Box 2019

Install Kali Linux in Virtual Box [July, 2019]

Obviously we need to start from the beginning but just in case you do not know where to find Virtual Box, here is the official link where you can download the latest version of this virtualization software either for Linux, Mac or Windows.

Also here is the link to download the official ISO for Kali Linux, be careful and verify that the MD5 Hash corresponds with the one published on their website, sometimes harmful software may be installed in this type of ISOs so just be cautions and double check that prior the installation.

Once that you have Virtual Box Installed in your computer, open it and follow the instructions below:

Click in Add and configure the following options

Kali Linux Virtual Box 2019

Select recommended RAM memory, it will depend upon your capacity, in my case I will have 4GB assigned to Kali

Create a virtual Disk to store the information of your Virtual Machine

Select the size if your VDI disk, usually for Kali Linux you do not required more than 30GB, it depends about the amount of scripts and files you use.



Go to Settings to configure ISO and Graphics Memory and processor



Go to Storage, select “Controller IDE”, and then Choose Virtual Optical Disk File

After all this configuration, select OK and then start the VM.


You will see that it will open a new window with the VM inside, after that we have to SELECT “Graphic Install”

SELECT your proffered language.


ENTER the host name for your VM and follow the wizard configuration

AFTER this steps you will be able to see your Kali Desktop

Happy Hacking!

ALFA AWUS1900 Kali Linux

How to install ALFA AWUS1900 on Kali Linux

ALFA AWUS1900 is a poweful antenna 802.11 ac WIFI USB Receiver with a conneciton speed up to 1900 Mbps, 1300 Mbps at 5Ghz and 600 Mbps for 2.4GHz.

It uses USB 3.0 and we can utilize both bands 5.0 or 2.4 Ghz,

Here are the instructions to set it up on Kali Linux.


Update and upgrade your OS

sudo apt-get update; apt-get upgrade

Update dependencies

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y

Verifying that the antenna is connected to the VM or PC.

sudo lsusb

Realtek RTL8814AU should show up on the list.

Installing the drivers 

sudo apt install realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms

Reboot and connect

sudo reboot

Verifying that the card is up and running

sudo ifconfig

Setting up the card in monitor mode

#Set interface down

sudo ip link set wlan0 down

#Set monitor mode

sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

#Set interface up

sudo ip link set wlan0 up

Verifying monitor mode

sudo iwconfig

Testing card by sniffing nearby networks

sudo airodump-ng wlan0

Changing the adapter back to manage mode

#Set interface down

sudo ip link set wlan0 down

#Set monitor mode

sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode managed

#Set interface up

sudo ip link set wlan0 up


Happy hacking!

ASP Friendly URLS Brian Santacruz

How to remove the .aspx extension in ASP.NET Web Forms?

Well, as a developer I notice there were many websites where the URL does not contain the language extension that they used to build the website, for example, instead of shows “page.php” or “page.aspx” it simple shows “page”.

So, I gave myself to the task of investigating how to achieve this, because I like to maintain everything simple and not give many details about what is behind scenes, so when I found the solution I was surprised because it was simpler than I though.

All you have to do is follow the next steps to archive this.

Here is an ASP.NET WebForms project, we have two pages “Page1” and “Page2” with its respective “.aspx” extension, on “Page1” I have a button that will take the user to “Page 2” as you can see on the following screenshot.


ASP Friendly URLS Brian Santacruz


I am using


to change to “Page2” and as well on the back instruction and results page, we will see “.aspx” extension.


ASP Friendly URLS Brian Santacruz


To get rid of this we have to install the package “Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrls” using NuGet Manager on Visual Studio.


On Visual Studio…

Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Manage NuGet Package for Solution.


ASP Friendly URLS Brian Santacruz


Once we are there:

SELECT Browse Tab > Type “Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrls” and Search > SELECT from the results “Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrls” > CHECK Project to install > Hit Install


ASP Friendly URLS Brian Santacruz


Accept the changes on the solution


ASP Friendly URLS Brian Santacruz


Get rid of “Site.Mobile.Master” and “ViewSwitcher.ascx” we do not need them.


ASP Friendly URLS Brian Santacruz


Add a new Item, “Global.asax”


ASP Friendly URLS Brian Santacruz


and the following code on “Application_Start”, as well as its respective libraries.


using System.Web.Routing;

using Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrls;


ASP Friendly URLS Brian Santacruz


And… voila! as you can see we are able to access the “Page2” without using the extension”.aspx”.


ASP Friendly URLS Brian Santacruz


Do not worry if you have different pages or folders, it will route them automatically, all you have to do is just specify the name of the page and if it applies, its respective folder route.

Easy huh?

Thank you so much for reading me, this is the first post I do on my new Blog, I will continue posting more articles related to different technologies, hope it helps in your career as Developer!